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Disaster Resilience Assessment and Modeling

The work is supported by the following two projects:

  • Louisiana Sea Grant "A Synthesis of Resilience Measurement Methods and Indices" [Project Link]

  • USGS "Community Resilience to Drought Hazard: An analysis of drought exposure, impacts, and adaptation in the south-central United States" [Project Link]


  • A synthesis of disaster resilience measurement methods and indices

  • Modeling the dynamics of community resilience to coastal hazards using a Bayesian network

  • Assessing community resilience to coastal hazards in the Lower Mississippi River Basin

  • A cyberinfrastructure for community resilience assessment and visualization

  • Assessing social vulnerability to flood hazards in the Dutch Province of Zeeland

  • Emerging disparities in community resilience to drought hazard in south-central United States

  • Community resilience to drought hazard in South-central United States


Geospatial Exploration and Resolution (GEAR) Lab

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