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A big shout out to all our presenters in AAG2021!!

We have had six presentations at this American Association of Geographers conference.

  1. Dr. Lei Zou - Geographical Disparities of Community Disaster Resilience in the United States.

  2. Dr. Heng Cai - Incorporating Neighborhood Scale Effects into Land Loss Modeling Using Variograms.

  3. Binbin Lin - Revealing the long term Global awareness of Covid-19 and its effects on Public health through the lens of Social Media.

  4. Bing Zhou - VictimFinder: Harvesting Rescue Requests in Disaster Response from Social Media with BERT.

  5. Mingzheng Yang - Modeling the spatial dynamics of land loss in coastal Louisiana.

  6. Moxuan Li - A Community-Based Assessment of Flash Flood Vulnerability in Texas.



Geospatial Exploration and Resolution (GEAR) Lab

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