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Congratulations on Moxuan Li's Master's Degree

Gear Lab Member Mr. Moxuan Li has successfully completed a master's degree in geography this summer. Congratulations!

Moxuan Li started the master's program at Texas A&M in Fall 2020 under the supervision of Dr. Lei Zou. His research specializes in revealing the geographic disparities of flash flood vulnerability in Texas at multiple spatial scales, i.e., county and census block-group. During his graduate studies, he was also hired by the Texas A&M Transportation Institute as a research assistant and contributed to a systematic review of methods for digitalizing traffic inventories. He has delivered two oral presentations at the Annual Meetings of the American Association of Geographers and co-authored one manuscript.

Moxuan is also a great student and a fantastic lab citizen. In his spare time, he designed a new logo and a keychain for the Gear Lab, as shown in the picture below. The Gear Lab appreciates Moxuan's hard work and significant contributions over the past two years. We wish Moxuan all the best in his future adventures and look forward to hearing more about his achievements! Gig'em!

Gear Lab Logo designed by Moxuan Li

Moxuan and Dr. Zou at the Summer commencement ceremony



Geospatial Exploration and Resolution (GEAR) Lab

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