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Dr.Zou, Binbin Lin, Bing Zhou, and Debayan Mandal Presented at the Autocarto in November 2022

In November 2022, four team members from GEAR Lab delivered presentations at Autocarto conference.

  • Dr.Zou delivered an oral presentation in "Use and Misuse of Geographic Information in Social Media" session, and the topic is "Empowering Disaster Response with Social Media and GeoAI: Opportunities and Challenges".

  • Ph.D. student Debayan Mandal also delivered an oral presentation in this session, the topic is "Uncertainties in Geolocating Social Media Data for Disaster Research".

  • In "Geotracking and Social Networks" session, Ph.D. student Binbin Lin from GEAR lab delivered an oral presentation about "Multi-Granular Geovisualizations of Public Perceptions of COVID-19 through the Lens of Twitter".

  • Ph.D. student Bing Zhou delivered an oral presentation, "Overlooked Voices Under Strict Lockdown: Mapping Humanitarian Needs in 2022 Shanghai COVID-19 Outbreak", in "Power of Maps for Equity and Social Justice" session.

Meanwhile, Ph.D. student, Binbin Lin, Bing Zhou, and Debayan Mandal were awarded the AutoCarto 2022 Student Assistant Application! Congratulations!

We look forward to seeing more findings and outcomes from these researches!



Geospatial Exploration and Resolution (GEAR) Lab

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