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Dr. Zou Gave a Guest Lecture in Academy for Future Faculty Seminar

Dr. Lei Zou gave a guest lecture on "Understanding a Faculty On-Campus Job Interview" on Nov 17th, 2021. He shared the stage with Miss Marelyn Yeager, to demonstrate the requirements and ways to prepare for Faculty Job Interviews - for both the screening and on-campus steps of it. Furthermore, Dr. Zou shared his personal experiences on the path to his job search and the hurdles he had to face in it. It ended with some Q&A with the participants, who are about to embark on a similar career path.

Academy for Future Faculty is a student organization that helps graduate students get ready for a career as a STEM faculty. It is backed by CIRTL - a 49 university-wide program housed under CTE TAMU. Check them out here - TAMU CTE - Academy for Future Faculty



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