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Gear Lab's presentations at the Urban Climate Solutions Workshop

From Oct. 09th (Mon) to Oct. 11th (Wed), 2023, Urban Climate Solutions Workshop was hosted at Texas A&M University. The goal is to synthesize and assess holistic urban climate solutions in Texas.

There are four members from Gear Lab who gave excellent presentations in this workshop. Dr. Lei Zou did not only present how to apply spatial data science into facilitate disaster resilience, but also gave an insight talk related to the high-impact urban climate solutions. Joynal Abedin talked about exploring the spatial-temporal trends of Flood exposure in the Contiguous United States. Bing Zhou gave the presentation about pinpointing rescue requests from social media for smart climatic disaster responses. Debayan Mandal presented empowering disaster resilience through cyberinfrastructure: a multi-scale approach to visualization and management.

Facilitating Disaster Resiliencewith Spatial Data Science

Presenter: Dr. Lei Zou

Exploring the Spatial-temporal Trends of Flood Exposure in the Contiguous United States

Presenter: Joynal Abedin

Pinpointing Rescue Requests from Social Media for Smart Elimatic Disaster Responses

Presenter: Bing Zhou

Empowering Disaster Resilience through Cyberinfrastructure: a multi-scale approach to visualization and management

Presenter: Debayan Mandal

Congratulations to Dr. Lei Zou and other members, and we look forward to hearing more achievements and works from GEAR Lab! Gig'em!



Geospatial Exploration and Resolution (GEAR) Lab

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