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Ph.D. Student Mr. Bing Zhou is Awarded 2021 CaGIS Scholarship

Gear Lab Ph.D. student, Mr. Bing Zhou, is awarded the 2021 CaGIS Scholarship! Congratulations!

The CaGIS Scholarship gives awards to outstanding graduate students in cartography and GIScience. Two graduate students received this prestigious award this year, including Mr. Bing Zhou. As a first-year Ph.D. student, Bing is a dynamic scholar with many research interests, including GeoAI, big data, emergency management, and transportation GIS. His current research is developing intelligent language models to detect rescue request messages from social media during disasters. Based on the research findings, Bing has submitted a manuscript to the journal Computers, Environment, and Urban Systems, entitled "VictimFinder: Harvesting Rescue Requests from Social Media using BERT."

Gear Lab appreciates the recognition and support from CaGIS and is determined to advance GIS and Cartography research, education, and services.

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