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Recent Publications from GEAR Lab

GEAR Lab members have recently published a collaborative article investigating how Chinese students applying for overseas GIS programs and examined factors influencing their decision-making through a survey amongst students participating in the GISphere community.

Wang, Y., Kang, Y., Liu, H., Hou, C., Zhou, B., Ye, S., ... & Gao, S. (2023). Choosing GIS graduate programs from afar: Chinese students' perspectives. Transactions in GIS.

Statistics of Chinese GIS students applying for overseas GIS program patterns. (a) Spatial distribution of GIS program admissions. (b) Spatial distribution of GIS program enrollments. (c) Number of enrollees of GIS programs by country. (d) Admission-enrollment conversion rate by country.

Congratulations to the GEAR Lab members, and we look forward to hearing more achievements from GEAR Lab! Gig'em!



Geospatial Exploration and Resolution (GEAR) Lab

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