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Texas GIS Day 2023: GEAR Lab Members Clinch Top Honors in Graduate Student Competition

As participants in one of the world's largest GIS Day events, held on the sprawling campus of one of Texas's major universities, we are thrilled to be part of an event that brings together GIS enthusiasts and industry professionals from various disciplines. Each year, this event provides a good platform for speakers to share their expertise, experiences, and passion for GIS. This year, we are particularly excited to announce that our team members, Joynal Abedin and Debayan Mandal, have won first and second place, respectively, in the Texas GIS Day Graduate Student Competition.

Joynal Abedin: Understanding Flood Exposure Better

Joynal Abedin's winning presentation, 'Deciphering Spatial-Temporal Dynamics of Flood Exposure in the United States,' focused on how flood risks change over time and across different areas in the U.S.

Debayan Mandal: Making Communities Stronger Against Disasters

Debayan Mandal, who came in second, shared his research called "Strengthening Disaster Resilience in the Age of Cyberinfrastructure: A Customizable Approach."

These researches are very relevant today as they contribute to worldwide efforts in getting ready for and responding to disasters!




Geospatial Exploration and Resolution (GEAR) Lab

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